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Community Outreach

In Jeremiah chapter one, we read about the calling on Jeremiah’s life. In verse 17 we read a powerful statement that the Lord spoke to Jeremiah, “Get up and prepare for action” (NLT). The calling upon Jeremiah’s life was clear and the action that lay before him would be challenging, therefore it was very important that he prepare himself.

As we train weekly by studying God's Word, we put feet to our faith through quarterly community outreaches.


Prayer is an important part of the Christian life, and one’s prayer life should be developed. Not only does prayer affect our lives and the lives of others, but it is also a way to communicate with the Lord and grow in our relationship with Him. At the heart of prayer is an act of worship to the Lord. God’s Word places an emphasis on the power and purpose of prayer, and, therefore, it should not be neglected.


Home Fellowship

Jesus ministered to the masses, but He chose to develop the faith of His closest disciples in the context of a small group. The book of Acts makes references to the early believers meeting in homes.

God’s Word exhorts us to “love one another”, to “pray for one another” and to “build up one another”. Small groups offer us a better opportunity to fulfill this calling as we form close relationships with each other, pray for one another’s needs and ultimately help each other to become mature disciples of Jesus Christ.

Please contact us for current meeting times and locations.

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Pro-life Ministry

We share the love of Christ with women while educating them about the precious life in the womb. We offer women a safe place to rest their hearts and provide tangible resources to give them hope. 





Please contact us to meet with a counselor.

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